March 29, 2023

The 2 best Console games in the world right now

1 Doom Eternal


With the armor-clad Doom Slayer now charged with taking down the Hell Priests that have caused the pits of infinity to spill out onto our planet (yup, we didn’t know the story of Doom either), you won’t be surprised to hear that Doom Eternal has a fair few demons to slay. Twice as many as before, if you want specifics. And much like its predecessor, the combat comes fast and extremely furious.

Much of the game’s lengthy campaign sees you battling hordes of demonic foes at lighting speed. Stand still and you’re dead, the loading screens warn you, and they’re right. Although, in all honesty, move around a lot and you’re probably dead too. Doom Eternal is not for the faint-hearted or the slow-reflexed, especially on its normal difficulty (this can be lowered at any time, in all fairness).

Combat tends to take place in specifically designed arenas that all have their own flow and rhythm, so you’ll be catapulting yourself from one end to the other, leaping between platforms and blasting enemies in a desperate effort just to survive a few more seconds.

It really is relentless, all cracking along at a blistering 60fps with no hitches, and seemingly running at a steady 4K on Xbox One X. Quite the sight to behold, even with all the torn sinew, shredded limbs, and exposed entrails. 

2.God of Thunder

God of Thunder is a 2D top-down freeware puzzle game created by Ron Davis and published by Software Creations in 1993. It was previously a shareware product but was released as freeware in 2002 or earlier.