February 1, 2023

How to Download Direct

Free tool to control sound and graphics cards

DirectX is a technical tool that helps game developers interact with sound and graphics cards. Although it can be installed on any computer, most users won’t ever need it. It runs when you play a game made with DirectX and that’s it. You’re only going to need to get to know it better if you want to program with it yourself. It has one of the most agile runtime processes amongst this category. 

What is DirectX used for?

DirectX is a set of Windows interfaces. Developers program to the DirectX API, which lets their programs – often games – interact correctly with sound and graphics cards. In turn, makers of sound and graphics cards recognize DirectX, so they know what to do when a program made with DirectX accesses their functions. 

Do you already have DirectX?

Since DirectX doesn’t have an interface like other apps (it won’t appear in your apps list, for example), you’ll have to get a little more technical to check if it is already installed on your computer.  To check, follow these steps: Click Start, and then click RunType dxdiag, and then click Okon the System tab, note the version of DirectX that is displayed on the DirectX Version line the various tabs, check the version information for each DirectX file when you are finished checking file versions, click Exit

The DirectX installation

If you find that DirectX is not installed on your computer (or the version is very old), you’ll have to download DirectX again to use it. The download is simple and how you might expect – you download and run the .exe as normal. The installation is slow, which might prove a little frustrating and – watch out – the app tries to install Bing during installation.